Joanne Evans

Mezzo Soprano

Photo of Joanne

"The real discoveries among the cast were the two mezzo-sopranos. British-born Joanne Evans as Cherubino (and thus the supposed “second Figaro” in disguise) had presence, charm, and comic timing to burn, and her agile, tangy, and individual-sounding instrument displayed remarkable agility in runs in what Mercadante made the opera’s showiest role... She is a singer to watch."

- David Shengold (Classical Voice America) - View full review

"From the moment that Evans stepped onstage as a slender, suavely mustachioed Cherubino, one recognized the presence of a star. Her eyes were lit by sardonic wit; her knowing glances at the audience made it a co-conspirator in her plots. [...] Evans’s singing was as elastic as her gestures. Her low notes were startlingly resonant, with an organ’s fullness; her upper reaches clear and supple, with a subtle control of dynamics."

- Heather Mac Donald (Thomas W. Smith Fellow at the Manhattan Institute, a contributing editor of City Journal, and the author of the bestseller "The Diversity Delusion") - View full review